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We are a Certificate Holder in Brazil. We facilitate the lives of our customers by offering complete solutions for product approval in accordance with auditing standards. Also provide import service, export and Advocacy Service for Advocacy Office Gobbo part of our business group.

We provide services advising companies on their approvals and certifications since 2007. We are a very solid company that delivers results. Our approach is to provide integrated services to take the customer from the actual stage until the stage he wants to be.

For example, if you want to sell in Brazil, it may seem like a simple task, but, first, you need to homologate your product, in several Brasilian Orgains, need to test the product and the product must meet all the requirements to be aproved. You will need legal knowledge to solve any problems. After issued the certificate, you need a certificate Holder, you will need to import the product, selling, and send the money abroad.

We offer integrated solutions in a single contract, you have all the services necessary to achieve their goals. We are what you need.

Our Services

We offer integrated solutions to make your life easy! There are several regulatory agencies such as ANATEL, INMETRO and ANVISA working in order to ensure the quality of products circulating in Brazil. The process is so rigorous that sometimes ends up being a bit too bureaucratic. we, Compliance in Brazil, do 100% of the procedure, and we give you an approval certificate that will allow you to import, distribute, market, and other purposes in Brazil. We also have solutions in importing, exporting and Legal advice.

Certificate Holder

Product approval and equipment for sale in Brazil, according to brasileras standards (ANATEL, ANVISA, INMETRO)

ANATEL Homologation

We have the knowledge and technical expertise to approve all categories of equipment subject to ANATEL certification.

INMETRO Homologation

We meet the compulsory and voluntary certifications of INMETRO, ensuring the adequacy of products and services to the national rules and standards of quality. Household Appliances and similar.

ANVISA Homologation

We have the knowledge and technical expertise to approve all categories of equipment subject to ANVISA certification.


According to Brazilian law, all products must be labeled by Casa da Moeda be sold. We are the best option to offer this service for your company.

Advisory and Consulting

All the knowledge and technical expertise that we have is available for our customers through trainings and advisory and consulting.

Import and Export

We have a specialized service to provide Import and export solutions. We offer integrated solutions to our customers.


We have a team Lawyers experts in Tax Law, International Law and Civil Law, to meet all the demands that may arise along the way.

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